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Also the Author of a related book: Infinity's Flower, a tale of 2012. Jack Allis is an author and spiritual teacher. His message is simple, yet profound, echoing the ancient indigenous prophesies from cultures spanning the globe, including the Hopi and the Maya. These are times of monumental transformation, known as the shift, in which the old world is coming to its inevitable end, so a new world may be born. The ancient wisdom all agrees that there is only one way to do this. We, the human beings of planet Earth, must reconnect with our heritage as spiritual beings, and begin to live again in harmony with the forces of nature and with our one true mother, Mother Earth. A huge topic? A formidable challenge? Yes, indeed. But Jack tackles it in eloquent and inspiring fashion in his latest book, Prophesy, Challenge & Blessing – Visions of 2012 & the Shift. What most people see as doomsday is actually the most unimaginable blessing, as we have all been blessed with this opportunity to not only spiritually transform ourselves, but to also to play our part in creating the new world. This topic is not purely academic. It is deeply personal. And Jack is a foremost leader in showing how to make this happen. He is the personal embodiment of his message. He lives minimally and close to nature in a tiny cottage on Little Okauchee Lake in Wisconsin. And he again takes his lead from our indigenous brothers and sisters by demonstrating how to practice our spirituality through the use of ceremony, which means connecting with spirit through prayer, sacred chants, fire ceremonies, and much more. He is also actively involved with Earth Peoples United (EPU), which is led by Mayan Elder Erick Gonzalez. In order to survive these times, we must build sustainable communities, and EPU is doing this in two places. One is at Deer Mountain, in the mountains of northern California, and the other is at Patziapa on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. In conjunction with Prophesy, Challenge & Blessing, Jack has also released a feature-length DVD with the same title. He has also written two other books, Infinity’s Flower – A Tale of 2012 & the Great Shift of the Ages and Infinity’s Children, in addition to his popular monthly newsletter. Jack also works with individuals and groups, teaching how to overcome the obstacles we face in life, and how to transform ourselves with our higher consciousness and spirituality. If you’re too far away to meet in person, he does this by telephone or email. Jack’s formal education consists of earning a California Marriage & Family Therapy License in 1989 and a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in Santa Barbara, California in 1987. He was in private practice in cognitive psychotherapy (mind/body) in Santa Barbara and Ventura from 1989 until 2001, when he moved to Wisconsin. A true Renaissance man, Jack has dedicated the last forty years of his life to seeking out diverse and non-traditional knowledge, which touch virtually every area of life, including holistic health, philosophy and spirituality. On his journey, Jack has acquired in-depth knowledge of Taoism and the philosophies and spiritual teachings of the Far East, meditation and martial arts techniques from a variety of cultures, the philosophical and spiritual teachings of shamans and indigenous spiritual cultures spanning the globe, both past and present, the revolutionary discoveries of quantum physics, organic gardening and farming, astrology, the philosophy of Objectivism, sovereignty and our vanishing freedoms, alternative theories of money, economics and history, and a variety of esoteric teachings.


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Sep 10, 2010

Author of Prophesy, Challenge and Blessings: Visions of 2012 and the Shift shares his insight.

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Jul 30, 2008

Author of Infinity's Flowers- A tale of 2012 and the Great Shift

Editor in Chief of Herbs For Health talks about Growing, Cooking, and Healing with Garlic -- in celebration of the Garlic Festivals!

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