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About Doreen Doreen Banaszak Coach & Teacher I have had the honor of coaching people to not only see, but help them take action toward the greater possibilities of their lives. I have coached people into new careers, careerists into entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs into new businesses, spiritualists into higher levels of spirituality. Through it all I have been reminded of one primary principle— Our state of being is our only point of attraction. I read a book called Excuse Me… Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn. I, like most, immediately connected to the book's message — this notion of feelings and the powerful attractive force they create. I had been exposed to the Abraham-Hicks basics and teachings of the Law of Attraction, and like Lynn, started to recognize very quickly the power of consciously creating my experience through feelings. I noticed that the 4-step process Lynn outlined in her book was very similar in principle to the steps that I take my client's through. It was clear that Lynn and I were on the same page, so to speak. About a year and a half later, I decided to run a book group based on Excuse Me… Your Life is Waiting. I went to Lynn's site to inquire about permission and was saddened to find that she had passed. I contacted Hampton Roads, her publisher, to obtain permission, but didn't immediately hear back from them. During this time, I was in the process of evaluating my own coaching practice and trying to figure out how I could connect with my ideal client. I followed Lynn's steps, figured out what I didn't want, got clear on what I did want, started to visualize these clients pouring into my practice and then started looking for signs. Imagine my surprise a month later when I heard back from Hampton Roads! Not only did they think my book group was fine, more importantly they were looking for someone to continue Lynn's message and asked if I would interested in taking that on. I met with the folks at Hampton Roads and left with a book contract to write the follow-up titled Excuse Me… Your Life is Now, released in July 2007.


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Oct 05, 2007

Author of Excuse Me Your Life Is Now! offers some coaching on the Law of Attraction

Feingold Assoc. head tells of Statistics that prove Increased Hyperactivity in Children

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