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Director of Communications for Northwest Harvest. What Northwest Harvest does: services and programs As the only statewide hunger relief agency, we distribute food from four distribution centers around the state, free of dues or fees to 300 food banks and meal programs in 37 of 39 Washington counties. Nutritious food is a high priority at Northwest Harvest and we are proud of the nutritional breakdown of food that we distribute 40.6% Fruits and vegetables 12.4% Grains 14.1% Protein 2.4% Dairy 30.5% Ready-to-eat and other (sandwiches, salads, soups, beverages, condiments) We also operate one food bank—the Cherry Street Food Bank in downtown Seattle—ourselves. Because we know some children go hungry after school, on weekends and during long school breaks, when they can't eat free breakfasts and lunches, we operate Three Squares for Kids in 20 Seattle elementary schools. This program gives "kid-friendly" food to Family Support Workers in those schools to distribute to students they've identified as needing additional nutrition. We also work to educate the public about hunger through various communications, including our quarterly newsletter, Northwest Harvest News, and to advocate for issues that relate to our mission: Fighting hunger in the state of Washington in a manner that respects the dignity of those we serve. For more information, call (206) 625-0755 in Seattle, or toll-free at 1 (800) 722-6924


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Jan 19, 2007

President and Founder of talks about how his phone service helps food banks

Communications Director for Northwest harvest gives us the skinny on food banks and hunger in America.

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