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Cheryl S. Bartlett, Ph.D. I'm Dr. Cheryl Bartlett, mom of two, wife of one, Twenty years ago, I was a teenage mother on welfare. Fifteen years ago, I was on the road with a band. Ten years ago, I began working on my doctorate and set my sights on the corporate world. Five years ago, I reinvented myself as a stripper and did the one thing Id always dreamed of doing I wrote my first book. If there is one thing I'm good at, its going after dreams! Now I have a new dream - to help you make your own dreams come true. Maria Bartlett My name is Maria Bartlett. I'm 17, a psychology undergraduate, and the mom of five cats. For as long as I can remember, people have come to me with their problems. In fact, my mom pulled me out of public school after 8th grade because I spent the vast majority of what should have been instructional time giving advice and providing my peers with informal counseling. Things like confidence, boyfriends, sexuality and birth control. I spent a lot of time in the back of the library reading sexual health books, so I was the resident middle school "sexpert." I have unusually high self-esteem and I attribute this to the fact that I never went to high school. I think of myself as a caring nurturer, but I don't coddle. I am brutally honest and expect honesty in return. If you are honest with yourself and prepared to make positive changes in your behaviors, you can make amazing things happen. Who We Are Not... We are not licensed psychologists and, unlike some, do not pretend to be. Psychological counseling is a profession that we take seriously and so should you. If you think you can receive meaningful, quality personal counseling anonymously, on a radio show, in five minutes by phone, well, honey, we need to talk! Shows like these can be entertaining, informative and occasionally provide meaningful therapeutic outcomes, but they are no substitute for one on one professional help. If you need counseling, you deserve the real thing. Dr. Cheryl and Maria will help you find the right resources and help you get where you need to go.


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Jan 05, 2007

Mother and teen-daughter offer straight talk on teen problems

Exotic bird expert offers advice on helping our fine feathered friends and brings us up to date on National Bird Day.

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