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CEO of RFI Ingredients, Inc.. RFI Ingredients, based in Blauvelt, NY, is a manufacturer of innovative natural ingredients for the food, functional food and dietary supplement industries. The company, which was formed in 1989, specializes in the supply of quality ingredients (including certified-organic) and proprietary formulations, building on its global partnerships and in-house applications laboratory. Our core product lines include: OxyPhyte® natural antioxidants Fruit and vegetable powders, purees and concentrates Cereal grasses/greens Specialty Products: Chocamine™, Talin®, Hinotes® Natural colors Botanical and nutritional ingredients Custom formulations Our extensive network of global partners enables us to offer multiple venues for natural products sourcing, allowing us to capitalize on worldwide seasons and economic fluctuations. With manufacturing operations in North America, South America and China, we can offer true global reach. In addition to our international raw materials sourcing platform, we also operate Atlantic Coast Functional Foods (ACFF), a separate company that concentrates on selling functional foods into the Asian market.


Drew Luce's Shows:

DateTopic of ShowAudio
Aug 20, 2007

COO of Natural Products Supplier talks about how to get the advantages of Chocolate without the pain.

Audio not available
Jun 11, 2007

CEO of RFI Industries talks about the properties of chocolate and Jarrow's Chocomind.

Author of Wisdom Walk, a book about getting to know the positive and enduring practices of the world's religions

Audio not available
Mar 25, 2007


Director of Health Programming for Transformation of Education

CEO of RFI Ingredients talks about Green Health drinks and ingredients in supplements.

Audio not available
Mar 16, 2007

3rd Generation of Birth Control Pills Kill - Desogestrel

Expert on Vege Supplements discusses Daily 5

Audio not available
Dec 07, 2006

CEO of RFI Ingredients, high quality ingredient supplier of Jarrow and other supplement companies talks about Free Radical reduction the natural way.

Author of The Importance of Nutrition and Diet For Pets Health(yes, before the holidays!)

Audio not available

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