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In Her own words:

I am a full-time professional psychic consultant and therapist living in the Hudson Valley of New York, close to New Paltz and Woodstock. With 40 years of experience giving psychic readings as well as teaching intuitive and spiritual development, I use my inner senses to perceive your life in terms of present influences and future directions. I offer alternative perspectives to your concerns whether they pertain to career, finances, relationships, spiritual development .?.?. any area in which you need additional insight and direction. All of my sessions allow for the opportunity to examine life patterns in order to perceive opportunities as well as obstacles.

I had many unusual psychic experiences as a child, beginning in early childhood, when many gifts begin to appear. Seeing energy forms and colors around people (auras), astral travel; sensing the presence of a friend’s deceased mother. I had deep empathy for animals and cried as a 2-year-old at the killing of a fly.

When I was 26 years old my life changed and I was directed to go in a new direction. I had a near death experience in which I saw angelic beings and a bright loving light.

A year from that day, I met a psychic who encouraged me to give readings. The way I met this psychic was by divine guidance. I had just completed my Masters in Education and did not know the next step to take. So I meditated on my direction for a few minutes, and allowed my intuition to guide me to travel to Connecticut where I met the psychic who encouraged me to do intuitive readings.

Since then, I have done thousands of readings. On cable in New York City, I had my own live TV show called “Psychic Insights” where I gave readings, and taught psychic and spiritual development.

I practice Reiki healing on animals as well as humans. I study Yoga and Chakra Psychology. I am a meditator, vegetatian and animal rights activist.

Since receiving my Masters in Social Work as a Mental Health Counselor, I have been utilizing my therapeutic skills in my readings as well as my intuitive skills in my psychotherapy practice. I am also an art therapist and enjoy working with children. I love my work and look forward to sharing my skills and helping as many people as possible.


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Apr 08, 2024

There's plenty of talk about intuitive abilities in the Spiritual Community and beyond, but how many of us actually understand what it is and how it can be utilized. We'll talk to Lynn Walcutt, a working Intuitive Counselor for nearly 50 years, for her view of the gift of intuition.

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