Guest Profile: Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon is known world-wide as a modern spiritual teacher. He was given the title Master by his teacher to denote that he is a Master Spiritual Teacher or one who can teach without words. Master Spiritual Teachers are recognized by their palpable presence, their holistic state of being, which effortlessly empowers everyone in their proxmity.

Master Charles Cannon is an acknowledged pioneer in the evolution of human consciousness. He founded Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality in 1983 and developed High-Tech Meditation and the Holistic Lifestyle which have helped transform the lives of thousands worldwide.

Based on his personal spiritual experience, Master Charles' primary focus has always been the exploration and study of mysticism, philosophy and comparative religion. His higher education was in comparative religion and philosophy and his life -- from his earliest years -- has been marked by spontaneous, holistic experiences of expansive transcendental states of consciousness. Inspired by the Divine Feminine archetype, his primary teacher has been the Blessed Mother who began appearing to him in his early childhood and whose apparitional manifestation continues into the present time.


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Jan 30, 2017

Author of Living an Awakened Life- The Lessons of Love explains the importance of an awakened life for ourselves and our world.

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