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Luke Adler, L.Ac. D.O.M., is an intuitive and compassionate healer and teacher who guides people towards their hearts. He helps people uncover and translate their experience of love into meaningful actions that make a difference in the world. Luke has a gift of placing his attention on different aspects of your mind, body and spirit for you to awaken to what’s not working and allow love to facilitate healing. With over twenty years of meditation experience, he is a gifted teacher of various healing and spiritual practices for the novice and advanced practitioner.

Luke is a Board Certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist in the state of Oregon. He is also a Diplomat of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, which is the highest level of national certification for Chinese Medicine. He studied Chinese Medicine in Santa Monica, California at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. As part of his training at Emperor’s, Luke completed medical externships at the Venice family clinic in West Los Angeles and the UCLA Arther Ashe Medical Clinic. After completing his training at Emperor’s College, Luke spent three months practicing Chinese medicine and Acupuncture in an integrative clinic in rural India near Mumbai. In India Luke worked side by side with Allopathic doctors, nurses and Ayurvedic and Homeopathic physicians.

For three and a half years Luke trained with distinguished doctor of Oriental Medicine, Malvin Finkelstein. Under Malvin’s tutelage Luke learned and practices a Microcurrent Positional Technique developed by Dr. Finkelstein. MPT is a technique that focuses primarily on orthopedic pain and structural imbalances. Raised in Eugene, Oregon it is an honor for Luke to serve the community that has given so much to him. Luke has also developed a line of essential oil blends, Chinese herbs, and guided meditations.

Luke is currently a doctoral fellow under renowned physician Dr. Jeffrey Yuen. Luke’s Ph.D studies are in classical Chinese medicine, with an emphasis in the esoteric energetics of acupuncture, herbology and ritual healing.

Luke’s interest in healing stems from his deep love of spirituality. As his spiritual teachers say, “See God in each other.” This teaching is at the source of Luke’s approach to healing, “Seeing the client as unbroken is essential to furthering the possibility of wellness and joy. Life is so brief. If we can cultivate the courage and lighthearted necessary to examine the parts of ourselves that we’d rather suppress, we might not only heal, but have some fun while we’re at it.” As his only healing unfolds, Luke enjoys simple moments with his growing family, including the people he serves.

Educated in California, Luke is trained as a primary health care provider of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. His practice is holistically rooted in his ability to understand physiological pathology and make vital connections to emotional and spiritual blocks as part of an overall pattern of disharmony. The ability to collect all the signs and symptoms of the body/mind/spirit, creates a clear picture for you to not only resolve a physical complaint, but to have a major life breakthrough that has a beneficial impact on your relationships, finances, spirituality and so on.


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Oct 26, 2016

Author of Born to Heal - Heal Yourself Heal the World talks Eastern philosophy of healing and some of his techniques for healing.

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