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Robert Novak is an inspiring teacher, writer, speaker, personal consultant and Yuen Method master. Robert's divinely inspired transformational work with clients is the catalyst providing them the empowerment and improvements in their life to become their own self-expert, to know their purposes in life and to live them. Robert has the unique ability to pinpoint exactly the answer to improve and progress one's life.

Robert is the creator of the Advancing Life Network where he shares inspiring writings, meditations and videos to advance one's life. An important part of his transformational work are his three free profound meditations designed to improve and empower the connection and communication with divinity : Sit with God, Christ Seed and Inner Child. Robert also provides free inspired writings of personal transformation to assist in guiding one to discover their individual and unique design and how to improve one’s life and well-being in all areas of life by living life according to one’s individual unique awesomeness.

- God’s Divine Creations for Knowing Your Soul’s Purposes List
- Restore Feminine Power – Restore Peace, Restore Balance
- Messages from the Light – Divine Guidance on How to Live on Earth for the Advancement of Your Soul and Consciousness
-Improve Your Physical Potential

Robert had a successful, traditional career in business as an executive Director of Accounting and Finance. After his wife’s death his life drastically changed and his journey of transformation began. He was led to learn and experience many modalities of transformation. During that time in 2009, he met medical intuitive and mystic Caroline Myss. Upon the first meeting, Caroline turned to him and asked, “Are you a teacher?” Stunned, shocked and feeling totally naked and exposed, he sheepishly responded, “Yes.” Caroline intuitively saw him as a teacher. This was a defining moment in Robert’s life.

Robert grew up with strong family and religious traditions. There was limited exposure to anything else outside of this structure. Robert’s faith was strong. Once he was on his own after college, he began to pray, “Jesus teach me so I can teach.” Knowingly having the guiding presence and support of the Christ, Robert allowed himself to be led to places outside of the defined structures where he was told evil existed. The result…he saw and discovered God more. And so, he leads people to know God and themselves more.

Robert holds an empowered space of transformation offering insights, divine gifts, improvements and empowerment. This is why he website url is “,” because you will be. He always is.


Robert Novak's Shows:

DateTopic of ShowAudio
Jun 01, 2017

Master healer continues his series on how our physical bodies are affected by our spiritual energy. It's all about how we actually function, vs. how we thought we were wired, and how we can heal holistically.

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May 04, 2017

Energy healing and a better understanding of our true nature as beings on this planet have become more important for us to explore and understand. We discover what we have in common with computers and how we can transform our approach to healing with some new understanding of how we operate as an energetic being.

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Apr 06, 2017

Inspiring teacher, Yuen Master and healer talks about healing from his point-of-view and educates us about the Yuen method. He includes interesting info on depression and physical structures.

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Mar 02, 2017

Transformational healer and author of Allowing God - Insights to Inspire and Renew the Fire of Love at the Very Center of Your Soul talks about his approach to healing and the power of the Yuen Method, a holistic form of energy healing.

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Feb 02, 2017

Yuen Master and transformational healer talks about the method and how it supports our well-being in an all encompassing way.

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Jan 05, 2017

Yuen Master and Yuen Method certified instructor builds on our knowledge of the method and brings us some understanding on how our brain physically and chemically changes from every new thought, experience, dream, or imagining and how we can shift to a different reality.

Click here to listen to archived show
Dec 01, 2016

Yuen Master, Creator of Advancing Life Network and author of Allowing God: Insights to Inspire and Renew the Fire of Love at the Very Center of Your Soul talks about the Yuen Method and transformation... how we delete stress and pain and how we advance our spirituality and improve our lives.

Click here to listen to archived show
Nov 03, 2016

Inspiring teacher, Yuan Method expert, and transformational healer is the author of Allowing God. He explores and brings spiritual concepts to light in a very down to earth and understandable way.

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Sep 21, 2016

A master of transformation, inspiring teacher and creator of the Advancing Life Network, Robert is also the author of ALLOWING GOD - insights to inspire and renew the fire of love at the very center of your soul.

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