Guest Profile: Kira Asatryan

Kira Asatryan is a couples coach and a team coach who trains Silicon Valley startups to work cohesively. She is also a popular blogger on Psychology Today and other sites. Prior to becoming a full-time relationship coach and writer, she ran marketing campaigns across major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Search. She lives in San Francisco, CA.

In Her Own Words: I'm a certified relationship coach, author, blogger, loneliness expert, and speaker. I love to speak publicly on the topic of loneliness, as it's a problem of epidemic proportions in our modern times. I maintain a private coaching practice in San Francisco where I help business partners, couples, and individuals develop closeness - the antidote to loneliness - in their relationships.

I have a unique passion for those who feel lonely in this world. I understand the unique challenges that lonely people face because I face them as well. I've struggled with loneliness my whole life and have come to find that there are many others out there like me. We are the people who, despite excellent intentions, find it hard to get to know people and find it hard to believe that anyone cares about us. If you relate to this, I can assure you you're not alone.

I've spent my coaching career researching, pondering, and reflecting upon what specifically makes relationships feel good or bad. The results of my efforts can be found in my book, my articles, my talks, and I believe they will help you immensely.

You can stop being lonely. You've already taken the first step.


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Mar 30, 2016

Author of Stop Being Lonely: Three Simple Steps to Developing Close Friendships and Deep Relationships talks about the Millennials and how their relationships are affected by technology.

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