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To some, Shavasti is known for his books and professional status within the world of Family Constellations and to others he is knowns as a Seer, Mystic and Spiritual Teacher. With Shavasti you get both.

Shavasti’s childhood and indeed his entire life has been characterised by life with different spoken languages, maturing with diverse cultures across the entire globe having lived on every continent from birth onward until today.

What he brings to his deep and life changing spiritual teachings and healing work is a breadth of globally seasoned life experienced rarely encountered. He is of mixed heritage and his dual national identities and his multi lingual experience of life, coupled with his thirst for understanding humanity, the nature of fate, nature and that which many have called ‘God’, provide you with a guide and servant who can relate to you no matter your social, material, national, ethnic or religious background.

Shavasti, also known as the author, John L. Payne, is the author of four books published through Findhorn Press and has facilitated workshops on every inhabited continent: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia in countries as diverse as the USA, Canada, India, Brazil, Australia and South Africa, including a host of other locations over the period of helping thousands of people during the more than 450 weekend workshops.


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Nov 02, 2015

Spiritual teacher and author of Embracing The Power Of Truth - Tools for Liberating Your Heart talks about his experience of embracing what is, and the truth of who we really are.

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