Guest Profile: Dr. James D. Baird

Author of BEHAVIORAL GENES:Why We Do What We Do and How to Change. James D. Baird, PhD has more than 40 years of experience as a successful inventor and graduate engineer. A pioneer in the new science of ultrasonics, Baird has earned several patents and as a successful entrepreneur founded Dynasonics, Inc., a design and manufacturing company of ultrasonic sensors and computers.

His inventory background instilled in him a persistent curiosity about how things work, translating from mechanisms to life. His passion for understanding the bioengineering that makes us human, combined with his religious and spiritual beliefs has led him to research the subject of happiness for more than 20 years, and in the process, earned him a PhD in Natural Health.

He was the founder of Happiness Ministries, a not-for-profit ministry that produced inspirational texts. His first two books The Happiness Plan (Liquori, 1990) and The Modern Christianís Happiness Plan (Wine Press, 1999 (are based upon the premise that happiness comes from altruistic ethics and behavioral choices that put into action such spiritual qualities as loving-kindness and compassion. Baird has been involved with many religious organizations including nursing homes, churches, and charitable organizations. He was chairman of Catholic Charities for about 8 years. Dr. Baird is chairman of a Chicago chapter of the American Scientific Associations, a national professional association whose members are scientists who believe in God. The organizationís mission is to bring harmony to science and religion.


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Jan 13, 2016

Author of Behavioral Genes: Why We Do What We Do and How to Change helps us understand how epigenetics works.

Rob shares some facts on alkalinity and diet.

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Aug 14, 2015

Author of Behavioral Genes: Why We Do What We Do and How to Change gives us some clues to the power of epigenetics.

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