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My name is chrism ....... I am another person like you, a consciousness clothed in flesh... I do not claim knowledge of the writings or activities of any ancient lineage or sacred text. I do claim the information received as is gifted to me by the expanded awareness of the Kundalini........ I'm a person without social portfolio. I live in the USA, and work amongst the masses....... I teach the Kundalini and activate those who clearly are ready. I radiate Kundalini and it radiates through me. And as it moves through me it will move through you as well..... So what I write is merely another opinion on your path. The opinion of a friend and a brother. Another traveler up the mountain..... What I write comes from my own experience and what I am able to perceive via the Kundalini.

Over 19 years of experience with a guidance to teach for those who are guided to receive. I am not the "only" teacher. There are others who teach this and so it is a point of discernment for you if what is given by me for you feels appropriate. Intuition will guide you. I come from a place of disciplined love and disciplined intention. I know that may sound hard, but its quite easy and very flexing within the parameters of forgiveness, helpfulness, kindness, tolerance understanding, trust, surrender, service to others, evolution and of course, love. If you feel this is a path of interest for you then contact me through the website - blessings - chrism.


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Apr 27, 2015

Certified Nutritionist and health expert talks about why bacterial diversity in our systems is important.

Kundalini Awakening Teacher talks about this powerful energy and the possibility of awakening it.

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