Guest Profile: Lisa Barnett

Lisa Barnett is the founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom and for over 20 years has been internationally recognized as a leader in teaching and healing within the Akashic Records.

As an Akashic Records consultant, Lisa affects her students healing processes with the unconditional love, guidance, and wisdom that comes through her from the Masters of the Akashic Records. She accesses this wisdom with grace through Sacred Prayers that she also teaches to her students for accessing their own personal Akashic Records connection. Students may also advance to Certified Consultant, allowing them to access the Akashic Records of another.

Lisa specializes in clearing soul contracts, karma, and vows – and helping individuals arrive on their soul’s path. Her unique healing technique called “Pain Body Release” helps her clients let go of their accumulated emotional pain, from both their past and current lives. This ancient wisdom is here to help humanity create steps to the life their heart and soul desires.


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Apr 01, 2015

Author of The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records explains what is often a misunderstood guide to our universe.

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