Guest Profile: Dr. Gail Brenner

Dr. Gail Brenner is the author of The End of Self-Help: Discovering Peace and Happiness Right at the Heart of Your Messy, Scary, Brilliant Life.

In her own words:

By training, Iím a licensed Ph.D. psychologist with over 20 years of experience offering psychotherapy. My work as a therapist invites people to return to their essential wholeness, to shed false identities and realize the truth of who they are. Problems are seen as opportunities; the illusion of the separate self as a doorway to enduring happiness. Stories are seen through and emotions met with the deepest acceptance. I work with people individually and hold monthly group meetings.

I received my B.A. from Carnegie-Mellon University and my Ph.D. from Temple University. I completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Florida and a clinical internship at the Veteranís Administration Hospital in Palo Alto, CA. I have special expertise working with older adults and their families, bringing clear seeing and compassion to the transitions of aging, death, and dying. As a member of the clinical faculty at University of California, San Francisco, I helped physicians develop communication skills and learn to address psychosocial issues with their patients. Iíve authored numerous published articles on coping with stress and chronic medical illness. And I have consulted with staff of assisted living and skilled nursing facilities about aging, dementia, and caregiving and given presentations to the community at large on these topics.

As a blogger, Iíve been featured on CNN, Huffington Post, Zen Habits, MindBodyGreen, Tiny Buddha, Inspire Me Today, and the Undivided Journal. Sign up to receive helpful posts, updates, and a free e-book: ď30 Reflections for Everyday Joy!"


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Mar 13, 2015

Author of The End of Self-Help:Discovering Peace and Happiness Right at the Heart of Your Messy, Scary, Brilliant Life gets us in touch with who we really are... not our long-habited patterns, thoughts or feelings. Liberating!

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