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Author of Second Wave Spirituality - Passion for Peace, Passion for Justice, Chris is also the co-director at The Olive Branch Center along with his wife, Jessie. He teaches courses on engaged spirituality and the mysticism of inclusion. Along with internationally known author, teacher and lecturer, Andrew Harvey, Chris is the founder and co-teacher of The International Academy of Sacred Leadership. The two lead week-long trainings on sacred leadership. Chris also founded and directed the Institute for Life-Leadership and Coaching for 16 years. He is the senior trainer for the ILCís heart-centered psychological and spiritual-leadership programs. In addition, he is a practicing Coach for individuals and couples, (for more information on personal coaching offered by Chris, click here) and has lead & taught more than 200 psychological and spiritual retreats. Chris was born into a Christian family in Lebanon where he held leadership positions in non-profit organizations working for non-violence, peace and humanitarian relief. He experienced the devastation of the Lebanese war for 7 years and continued his peacemaking work during those very difficult years.

Chris lived in France before coming to the US, his country of adoption, where he has resided since 1978. He worked 12 years as a business director and later 11 years as a private practice psychotherapist specializing in depression and life transitions. He has a masterís in Human Development and Counseling and completed five additional years of graduate school in economics, theology and history. He has trained in Jungian and existential psychology (including the logotherapy of Viktor Frankl).

His experiences with the suffering born out of war led him to develop a passionate respect for diversity. His professional journey into psychology and spirituality, his research of peacemakers like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, and his study of mystics from different religions have resulted in his development of the copyrighted Model of Integra (6 Essential Keys for heart-centered living and spiritual life-leadership)

Chris has written training manuals on Intentional and Heart-Centered Living which have been published in-house for the ILC. He is currently writing a series of books on the spirituality of the heart. Chris's first book will be published in May, 2014, by North Atlantic Publishing and is entitled Second Wave Spirituality: Passion for Peace, Passion for Justice. Within this book, Chris reveals the global emerging movement of spiritual social-activism and includes nearly 500 quotations from engaged spiritual writers.

Chris also co-created a DVD along with psychotherapist Mandy Eppley of the Respite. The Model of Heart-Centered Grieving is a DVD in which Chris and Mandy share crucial tools for soulful and sacred grieving. Based on the model of heart-centered grief that they developed together, this DVD is meant to provide support to anyone going through a time of grief such as divorce, job loss, death of a loved one, etc. Chris is proud to serve on the Board of Directors of The Respite (


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Jul 24, 2014

Author of Second Wave Spirituality: Passion for Peace, Passion for Justice shares what he has learned about the emerging new spirituality.

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