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I’ve run a company, run to Bloomingdales when I can and try to run on the treadmill a few times a week. I love design and antiques, finding the perfect pair of jeans, and good movies. I value my friendships and adore a great casino in the Caribbean. Napping is high on my list as the ultimate luxury. I am married since Bill Clinton was first elected President and have a daughter that helps makes everything just seem better. Living in the city for 20 years I still find myself riding to the suburbs on occasion to get my fix of one-stop shopping. There’s something about putting packages in a trunk that calms my nerves.I am high-strung but not strung-out and constantly make to-do lists. I’ve been told I am too hard on myself but I am working on that.Embarrassingly, I am addicted to court TV shows like Judge Judy and love watching The Bachelor and American Idol with my daughter.I was, a long time ago, a great athlete and still enjoy a good game of tennis; I kid myself that I can still play well. I hate flying but like to travel. I also hate organizing closets and am perpetually challenged in that area.

I believe dark chocolate and a good glass of white wine make a “bad” week better.

Professionally, I am a seasoned PR and marketing professional with over two decades of experience. In 1992 I founded Amster-Young Public Relations, Inc., which was my first “baby”. I launched big name brands, helped small companies get off the ground and met some amazing people in industries from fashion to food and hospitality to design. Over the years I won awards for stuff, including being named one of the top “Forty PR Stars under Forty” by PR Week magazine. Since 2003, I have been representing select clients as a consultant and am often called upon by companies and individuals looking for strategic counsel in all areas of marketing and PR. I am also a freelance writer; my articles and columns have been published in numerous magazines, predominantly in the Hamptons.

I am an avid entrepreneur, and am always passionately seeking exciting business opportunities – both personally and as a consultant. I reside in Manhattan with my husband, daughter and Lucy, our adorable puppy.


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Apr 21, 2014

Co-authors of The 52 Weeks talk about how you can get out of the state of stuck.

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