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Olivia McIvor is a Human Resources expert and workplace culture advisor, author and keynote speaker who uses her expertise to help leaders and corporations create sustainable cultures where all generations are valued and engaged, where compassion, service and excellence are valued and modeled and workplaces people are proud to be part of.

She is a leader and Human Resources professional with over 30 years of experience and expertise. Her life and work experiences have made her passionate about the critical need for individauals to take personal responsibility to re-humanize their lives, work lives and workplaces. It is time to put the human back into human resources.

Her first book: The Business of Kindness: creating environments where people thrive (2006) uses kindness as a core value to tackle epidemic employee disengagement, burnout, stress and decreased personal wellness. Her second, Four Generations, One Workplace: sharing in the information age (2010) is a title that supports and moves leaders to a place that can acknowledge the gifts and talents each generation brings to the workplace thereby enhancing respectful wisdom, appreciation and collaborative knowledge transfer from all generations. Olivia believes that its not just the destination that is important, but the quality and character of the journey. Her third book, titled Turning Compassion into Action: a movement towards responsibility, includes 5 years of research, a trip to India and over 20 thousand participants confirming that everyone one of us is responsible to reach out and put our compassion into action. She was invited to present her findings last year to the Global HR Summit in Singapore.


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Oct 09, 2013

Author of Turning Compassion Into Action - A Movement Toward Taking Responsibility .

Editor in chief of Grit Magazine.

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