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Devrah brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and wisdom to all of her work. After her initial enlightenment experience, which led to a miraculous healing, she devoted her life to integrating and studying with mystics, masters and gurus. Devrah has been guiding, inspiring and teaching many through her books, workshops and private counseling. Devrah’s work is focused on helping individuals to return to the truth of who they really are.

Devrah’s great compassion and vulnerability are mixed with tremendous inner strength and deep conviction in the truth of who she is, and this sets her apart from those using simplistic positive sayings and innumerable concepts that everyone has heard but ultimately only serves to confuse and limit rather than free up and bring clarity. When she looks at another, she looks beyond the outer story, beyond the drama and beyond the outer persona’s and sees the essence, the truth of who we all are and relates with the individual on that level.

Devrah’s profound and transformative work is suitable for the absolute beginner, who is seeking purpose, truth or self-realization, as well as seasoned seekers and teachers of teachers. Her work is non-denominational so there is never any concern about conflict with one’s current religion or path. She assists bringing greater clarity and understanding to all seekers of truth, so that we can reach the place where outer forms no longer define us.

You are invited to explore and continue your journey with Devrah Laval, as she now makes herself available to all through her writings, workshops and private sessions.

Devrah Laval is giving away gifts with a value of over $900.00 dollars to anyone who has already or will purchase a copy of her book, Leap to Freedom - Healing Quantum Guilt, regardless of whether it was from a local bookstore or from an online retailer.

Simply send her the purchase confirmation number to: and she will send you the list of gifts, which include a workshop, MP3 recordings, meditations, eBooks, etc.... Also visit her site for info about her counseling, writings

She also has a free card app. at -


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Sep 12, 2013

Author of Leap to Freedom - Healing Quantum Guilt explains how our reality is based on a false premise and how we can shift out of that into who we really are.

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