Guest Profile: Tabatha Alterman

Tabitha Alterman has maintained a lifelong interest in living lightly on the planet while soaking up all its glory, through both work and play. She revels in fresh air and sunshine, music with a soul, dancing from the hips, long bouts of travel, celebrating the seasons through cooking and — above all — good times with the good people she holds near and dear. She values wit and beauty, but neither above compassion. Her favorite words are bunk, sagacious and smarmy.

Since the age of 10, she’s been filling notebooks with sketches and plans for an eventual “Tabitopia,” where natural building methods and excellent homegrown food are key elements. She’s inspired by the principles of wabi sabi she’s learned from Natural Home & Garden’s former editor-in-chief, and is thrilled to be on board as the team’s technical editor. She is proud that her work for the magazine contributes to well-researched, thoughtful content that is as free from greenwashing as possible.

Alterman currently serves as a civil society delegate to the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development, where her focus is on sustainable agriculture. And she’s lucky enough to be paying the majority of her bills with a fun and challenging post as senior editor over at our sister magazine, Mother Earth News.


Tabatha Alterman's Shows:

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