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Danna Beal lives in Bellevue, WA where she is a business consultant, speaker and author of THE EXTRAORDINARY WORKPLACE: Replacing Fear With Trust and Compassion . She has been on over 60 radio and TV talk shows throughout the country, discussing her model for “Enlightened Leadership”. She has been a keynote speaker and workshop leader for over 300 businesses on Healing the Workplace Culture.

Her interest in expanding human potential has been a thread throughout her life. She is committed to helping people everywhere be restored to their authentic selves through a process that illuminates and brings clarity to the drama in the workplace. Addressing the unrecognized costs to businesses when the work environment is filled with emotional drama and power struggles, she introduces a new model for “enlightened leadership”. Her work rebuilds relationships and increases teambuilding, loyalty, synergism and success. “When every person can contribute in a cooperative environment, businesses succeed at a level unattainable in a competitive, fear based atmosphere.” Danna wrote her book after working as a consultant for twenty years in the following industries: medical practices, hospitals, CPA and law firms, museums, retail, banks, banks, hospitality, stock brokers, insurance, retirement centers, non-profits, government, education and car dealerships. Her work has taken her to major cities throughout the United States and Canada. Danna attended the Oneness University in Fiji in July of 2008. Oneness University is an international organization dedicated to shifting the consciousness of the planet. She is also a member of CEOSpace. She holds a B.A. from Washington State University and a M.Ed. from Whitworth College. She was born and raised in Spokane, WA in a family with four sisters and one brother. She has two grown children, Stephanie and Kyle Beal.


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Jun 27, 2011

Author of The Extraordinary Workplace coaches us on how to change the culture of fear in the workplace.

Founder of All About Hope has support from Coldwell Banker Bain in granting wishes.

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