Guest Profile: Mark Allen

Mark Allen is a six-time Ironman World Champion. He has been called “The World’s Fittest Man” by Outside magazine and “The Greatest Triathlete of All Time” by Triathlete magazine. He attributes his success to his ongoing studies with Brant Secunda, who showed him how to find fitness not only in physical strength but in the power of personal spirit and balanced living. Mark and his races have been featured numerous times on major network television and in national publications; he has appeared on more than 100 popular covers worldwide. Since leaving the sport after a successful 15-year career while still at the top of his game, Mark has worked as a sports commentator and advisor for NBC. He’s also consulted with and spoken to many Fortune 500 companies, including American Express, Honeywell, Northwestern Mutual, and Oracle. He developed “Forever Fit,” a special program designed to help people live a healthy life, and is the author of Workouts for Working People. Brant and Mark continue to work together at events and retreats around the world and to develop Fit Soul, Fit Body programs. The book was inspired by a successful workshop they created 10 years ago for people in the US and Europe seeking practical tools for transforming themselves from the inside out. The tenets of Fit Soul, Fit Body offer the ultimate, unique roadmap for fostering optimal health, happiness, and wellbeing.


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