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Brenda Michaels

As a three-time cancer survivor who was given one year to live twenty years ago, Brenda broke her cycle of disease by moving beyond conventional care to self-healing.   She did this by creating her own personal roadmap to health, embracing cancer as a teacher instead of an enemy, and addressing the issues in her life that contributed to her illness.

Brenda has been a popular speaker for the American Cancer Society, Dr. Richard Schulze’s Healing Crusades, and a Spiritual and Emotional Counselor for nine years.  Currently, Brenda sits on the Board of Advisors for Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation, is an anchor writer for the online magazine Sibyl, and is the Co-host of Conscious Talk…radio that makes a difference with Rob Spears.

If you are looking for an empowering keynote speaker for your event, Brenda specializes in alternative healing, emotional healing, spiritual awareness and conscious living.  Brenda is also available to conduct transformative seminars and workshops.

Rob Spears

A cancer survivor through natural means as well as a student of spiritual pathways, Rob has incorporated alternative healing modalities and a parallel inward awareness into a powerful means of understanding and maintaining wellness and well-being for himself and others. Rob is certified as an Intuitive Healer by The StillPoint Institute as well as a practitioner of Reconnection Therapy and Reiki. He has been a Co-Host with Brenda Michaels of Conscious Talk…Radio That Makes A Difference for nine years and an advocate of natural health since the late 70’s.

Rob will assist you in moving on the energy blocks that create pain and disease and affect the rest of your life. Rob’s holistic approach to releasing energy blocks in all the bodies combined with his understanding of the necessary Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical resources you need, empowers you to regain your balance and reach a new level of well-being.




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