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Apr 14, 2023Dr. Ross Pelton
Brenda Michaels
Rob Spears
Topic: One of our favorite health experts, especially when it comes to the Microbiome, brings us up to date on his latest research on how probiotics can help us in ways we never imagined. He reports on his research article entitled, "The Microbiome Theory of Aging".

Brenda and Rob bring us up to date on what they've been experiencing and experimenting with. They recommend things to do for the Spring.
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Apr 07, 2023 Andrew Harvey Topic: It should be evident by now that we need an antidote for our collective and planetary dark night of the soul. Today’s guest, Andrew Harvey and his co-author Carolyn Baker have drawn from mystical traditions and Sacred Activism to present an alternative to what is surely an existential threat we’ve brought on ourselves. They are the authors of Radical Regeneration: Sacred Activism and the Renewal of the World. Click here to listen to archived show
Mar 31, 2023 Evan Slawson Topic: For years now we have heard messages of empowerment and spiritual insight. The way to higher consciousness has many paths, but one we have heard about for years is the AIM Program. We’ll talk to Evan Slawson, one of the founders of the AIM Program and the co-author of Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness with Stephen Lewis. We think you’ll find his take on Energetic Balancing in the spiritual context to be not only fascinating, but useful in your everyday life. Click here to listen to archived show
Mar 24, 2023Dr. DiVanna VaDree Topic: Transformation is the name of the game for these times. Assisting us in that movement for years has been our spiritual transformation expert Dr. DiVanna VaDree and this show is no exception. We talk about how the challenge, believe it or not, is Love. Click here to listen to archived show
Mar 17, 2023 Kat James
David Moody
Topic: Body transformation expert connects the dots between our health, immune system, dietary approach and pro-biotics.

We get some schooling on climate change from a NW expert in the changes we are seeing and will likely see if we don't take immediate action.
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Mar 10, 2023 Alexandra Wenman Topic: Today’s guest Alexandra Wenman is known for normalizing the conversation about spirituality and awakening by bringing the “out there” down to earth while channeling higher wisdom. She’s the author of Archangel Alchemy Healing: The Celestial Science in the Vibration of the Universe, a healing system that allows you to connect with your purest divine blueprint. Click here to listen to archived show
Mar 03, 2023 Tim Walter Topic: Sometimes we find our service in this life when we are thrown a curveball and our lives take a direction we never anticipated. And that path serves us all. We talk to Tim Walter, author of SPIRIT & EARTH – A Handbook for Modern Holistic Living. Spoiler alert. He talks to a ghost. Click here to listen to archived show
Feb 24, 2023Dr. James Lavalle
Holly Wilmeth
Topic: We’ve all heard by now that February is “Heart Month”, but now we’re also hearing about something called the “Kyo-Life”. Fortunately, we know someone who can help us understand how they’re connected. We talk to clinical health expert Jim LaValle about what it all means.

It’s ever our mission to stay connected to nature and in particular the healing nature of plants. We talk to Holly Wilmeth, creator of the Sacred Nature Oracle Deck and Guidebook for her guidance on how we can connect more fully with nature.
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Feb 17, 2023 Nate Jones
Kyle Thomas
Topic: Did you know that when it comes to your health your first line of defense is your nose? Too simple? We talk to Nate Jones, Founder and CEO of Xlear, Inc. to hear about what he’s learned about a simple approach to staying healthy with Xylitol.

Have you ever wondered what the stars might mean for you or what’s going on in our world and how the stars relate? We talk to astrologer Kyle Thomas, an expert in how to use the Universe to guide your life.
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Feb 10, 2023 Faust Ruggiero Topic: After the last few years of uncertainty and stress, is it any wonder we’re anxious? Where do you turn? How about yourself? We’ll talk to Faust Ruggiero, he’s a therapist and author of The Fix Your Anxiety Handbook which we hope you’ll take advantage of. Click here to listen to archived show
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