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Nov 10, 2023Dr. DiVanna VaDree Topic: The world seems in a difficult place and many of us are wondering how to deal with it all. Fortunately, we have a connection to the divine through our favorite transformational healer Dr. DiVanna VaDree. She’s here to share her perspective on “the Good, the Bad, and the Love. Click here to listen to archived show
Nov 03, 2023 Paul Selig Topic: By now we all know that there is so much more to the Universe than we know. Fortunately, today’s guest is renowned for his long series of channeled communication with a higher source that is willing to share the knowledge that continues to elude us. We talk to Paul Selig about his latest book, The Book of Innocence: A Channeled Text: The Manifestation Trilogy, Book 2. Click here to listen to archived show
Oct 27, 2023Dr. Ross Pelton
Tracee Dunblazier
Topic: It’s that time of year when we’re back indoors and all the pathogens we might not want are in there with us. It’s time to talk about what we need to do to tune-up our immune systems. We’ll talk to health expert and researcher Dr. Ross Pelton about what he recommends.

Then… We’ll delve into another area of well-being that we all have to address in our lifetimes… grief. We’ll talk to Tracee Dunblazer, author of Transformative Grief: An Ancient Ritual of Healing for Modern Times
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Oct 20, 2023 Joan Ranquet Topic: Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, is well known for its effectiveness with humans. Did you know EFT is also an effective hands-on method for treating behavior, emotional, and health challenges in animals? We talk to Joan Ranquet, author of Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals: Creating a Harmonious Relationship through Tapping. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to create a harmonious relationship with your pets and other animal friends. Click here to listen to archived show
Oct 13, 2023 Claudia Trivelas Topic: Much of what we know of ourselves is what we’ve learned from others. Our lives consist largely of repeating patterns that we have formed beliefs around. Is that who we really are? We’ll talk to Claudia Trivelas, astrologer and author of THE ASTROLOGY GUIDE: Understanding Your Signs, Your Gifts and Yourself. She has insights into who we were when we arrived on the planet that can be helpful in navigating your life and understanding why you are the way you are. Click here to listen to archived show
Oct 06, 2023Dr. Lon Jones Topic: For years we’ve talked about the importance of the consciousness we organize our lives around. This means all parts of our lives, but most certainly how we organize our approach to health and wellness is something we all must examine. We’ll talk to Dr. Lon Jones about his book Common Sense Medicine: Healing from the Inside OUT & Stopping the Next Pandemic. He has a historical perspective on how we came to our current system that’s most important to understand. Click here to listen to archived show
Sep 29, 2023 Lilliane Fortna Topic: Did you know that you probably have at least one innate gift that helps you communicate with your Guides? Wouldn’t it be great to develop that sense so you could create a better, richer, and happier life? We’ll talk to Liliane Fortna about what she has learned that can help us. She’s the author of WINKS FROM ABOVE – Opening up to Signs and Synchronicities to Receive Little Miracles Each Day. Click here to listen to archived show
Sep 22, 2023Dr. DiVanna VaDree Topic: Is Spirituality a practical approach to life? When you think about it from a conscious point-of-view, everything is spiritual since we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. With that in mind, Dr. DiVanna VaDree returns to take a deep dive into boundaries. Stay tuned to see how she connects that one to our spiritual nature. Click here to listen to archived show
Sep 15, 2023Dr. Bradley Nelson Topic: ENCORE: Have you ever thought about how much your emotions affect your health? We’re not just talking depression or lack of energy, but other physical symptoms emerging from our emotions. We heard about this years ago when we learned of The Emotion Code by Dr. Brad Nelson. Now he has carried his discoveries further and has published an expansion of his method called. The book is called “THE BODY CODE: Unlocking Your Body’s Ability to Heal Itself”. We have Dr. Brad here to tell us about it. Click here to listen to archived show
Sep 08, 2023 Evan Slawson Topic: ENCORE: For years now we have heard messages of empowerment and spiritual insight. The way to higher consciousness has many paths, but one we have heard about for years is the AIM Program. We’ll talk to Evan Slawson, one of the founders of the AIM Program and the co-author of “Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness” with Stephen Lewis. We think you’ll find his take on Energetic Balancing in the spiritual context to be not only fascinating, but useful in your everyday life. Click here to listen to archived show
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