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Jun 10, 2024 Liz Larson Topic: Over the years a lot of healing modalities have come to our notice and we’ve embraced what has evolved and passed on notice of what we believe in. Today we want to introduce you to a relatively new modality called Cognomovement we highly recommend to anyone who wants to take control of their lives. We talk with Liz Larson, one of Cognomovement's co-founders, to give us her perspective on why and how Cognomovement can transform our lives through our neurology. Click here to listen to archived show
Jun 03, 2024 Sonja Francis Topic: For years now we’ve noticed that many of the people we meet know their astrological sign but have little understanding of what that might mean in their lives. WE know how a sun sign is just scratching the surface of helpful information about your life but don't take our word for it. We’ll talk to Astrologer coach Sonja Francis about how astrology can go deeper and help you with meaning in your life as well as give you direction. Sonja gives us a primer on Astrology and how it can be applied to our lives. Click here to listen to archived show
May 27, 2024Dr. Judy Suzanne Reis Tsafrir Topic: More and more we hear about mental stress and resulting challenges. That’s traditionally where psychiatry comes into the medical model. We know there are currently a proliferation of drugs prescribed to alleviate symptoms, but is there a better approach? We’ll talk to psychiatrist Dr. Judy Suzanne Reis Tsafrir for her enlightened and different approach in her practice. She’s the author of Sacred Psychiatry. Click here to listen to archived show
May 20, 2024 Amy Mercree Topic: From ancient times to the present humanity has been fascinated with the concept of Auras. Fascinated yes, but real understanding of Auras has often been overlooked or misunderstood. We’ll talk with Amy Mercree, a medical intuitive who uses her knowledge of Auras in her work and can help educate us to their uses. She's the author of AURA ALCHEMY: Learn to Sense Energy fields, Interpret the Color Spectrum, and Manifest Success. Click here to listen to archived show
May 13, 2024 Nate Jones Topic: We talk about what's been in the air for sometime and affecting us all. We’re talking about pollen and other allergens of course. … and haven’t you noticed they seem to hang around longer and longer? We talk to Nate Jones, founder of Xlear, Inc. to understand how his line of natural products may be your best defense. Click here to listen to archived show
May 06, 2024 Christie Lassen Topic: As the Spring has worn on we have seen more of a variety of birds in our yardso we thought we'd circle back to our local bird expert once again.

We talk to Christie Lassen, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in Gardiner, Washington. We learn everything we can about birding.
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Apr 29, 2024Dr. Ross Pelton Topic: Science and Education Director for Essential Formulas talks about the Oral Probiotic Dilemma and what you can do to get past it. Click here to listen to archived show
Apr 22, 2024 Jeffrey Stegman
Clayten Stedmann
Topic: Founders of the FOCUSED LIFE FORCE ENERGY program tell us how it works and what new ways they are helping to raise the consciousness on the planet. You'll find out how you can participate!
Apr 15, 2024 Rose Madrone Topic: Today on Conscious Talk we’ll consider what some have called “Oneness”, or the connection of all things. What may be a lofty concept can actually be brought down to Earth by understanding the interconnections at play all around us. We talk to documentarian Rose Madrone, founder of Mountain Rose Herbs and Director-Producer of the film series The Connectivity Project for her view of what we can and do connect. Click here to listen to archived show
Apr 08, 2024 Lynn Walcutt Topic: There's plenty of talk about intuitive abilities in the Spiritual Community and beyond, but how many of us actually understand what it is and how it can be utilized. We'll talk to Lynn Walcutt, a working Intuitive Counselor for nearly 50 years, for her view of the gift of intuition. Click here to listen to archived show
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