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Apr 08, 2024 Lynn Walcutt Topic: There's plenty of talk about intuitive abilities in the Spiritual Community and beyond, but how many of us actually understand what it is and how it can be utilized. We'll talk to Lynn Walcutt, a working Intuitive Counselor for nearly 50 years, for her view of the gift of intuition. Click here to listen to archived show
Apr 01, 2024 Megan Smith Topic: Today on Conscious Talk we’ll be talking about cancer, where we’ve been, and where we might go. Our guest is Megan Smith, producer and director of the documentary “A New Standard of Care: Alternative Cancer Therapies” available through her website and on YouTube. Click here to listen to archived show
Mar 25, 2024 Devra Jacobs Topic: Moving is one of the more stressful situations most of us find ourselves in sometimes multiple times in our lives. We’ll talk to Devra Jacobs, author of the book A Happy Move for some advice. Click here to listen to archived show
Mar 11, 2024 Nate Jones Topic: Upper respiratory health issues are the big concern of this Winter, but don't forget we're on the cusp of allergy season. We talk with Nate ones, CEO of Xlear, Inc., makers of Xlear Nasal Products with Xylitol, a natural answer to both seasons. Click here to listen to archived show
Mar 04, 2024 Christie Lassen Topic: We talk to Christie Lassen, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in Gardiner, Washington. You know how we love nature, so this show is going to the birds. We learn everything we can about birding. Click here to listen to archived show
Feb 26, 2024 Jeffrey Stegman
Clayten Stedmann
Topic: Fonders of the Focused Life Force Energy Program explain how the program works and focus on the importance of hydration. We learn something new every time with these folks and love using the program in our lives and at our home. Click here to listen to archived show
Feb 19, 2024 Kat James Topic: Health and beauty expert and author of The Truth About Beauty talks about something new to most of us. Mastering our Immuno-Metabolism and adopting a new focus for vitality and resilience in a challenging world is the subject and it's fascinating! Click here to listen to archived show
Feb 12, 2024 Jane M. Jansen Topic: Did you know that by 2050 13 million American's are estimated to be living with Alzheimer's. That's double the 6.5 million estimated in 2022! Is there a natural way to improve your odds and sustain brain health? We'll talk to Jane Jansen of the Tree of Life Wellness Center in Massachusetts for her advice. You might be surprised to hear Aged Galic can play a role. Click here to listen to archived show
Feb 05, 2024 Brenda Michaels
Rob Spears
Topic: For 23 years Brenda and Rob have talked about the natural approach to life. They talk about what they have learned in the laboratory of their lives and the importance of supplementation. Click here to listen to archived show
Jan 26, 2024 Barbara Berger Topic: ENCORE: What do healthy relationships look like? Just in time, as we return to being a lot more social, we dive into desling with our relationships with Barbara Berger. She’s the author of many self-help books, her most recent is Healthy Models for Relationships: The Basic Principles Behind Good Relationships With Your Partner, Family, Parents, Children, Friends, Colleagues and All the Other People in Your Life and it comes right when we all need it. Click here to listen to archived show
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