Show Hosts: Rob Spears

Brenda Michaels

A cancer survivor as well as a student of spiritual pathways, Rob forms a perfect partnership with Brenda Michaels because he also found "wellness" and his spiritual path through alternative means of healing and a parallel inward journey. Rob is certified as an Intuitive Healer by The Stillpoint Institute as well as a practitioner of Reconnection Therapy and Reiki. As a team, Rob and Brenda are developing a further series of books to springboard from Brenda's story into even more practical approaches to living all aspects of life from a spiritual point-of-view.

A veteran of Hollywood, Rob brings a wide spectrum of practical experience from his work in television production, series development, and talk shows including the original Regis Philbin show (AM Los Angeles) and the Merv Griffin show. He worked as a television writer, both as a freelancer and on staff for Aaron Spelling onsuch series as "Charlie's Angels", "Love Boat" and "Fantasy Island", then as a producer-writer for CBS on several television movies. He met Brenda Michaels while developing projects for Television Production partners, as advertising based production group. Their interest in Brenda's spirituality as a commodity lit a spark of recognition in Rob, compelling his interest in Brenda's story, which has evolved into the book project "The Final Messenger... A Spiritual Journey Toward Healing". In plain words, if the bastion of American television commerce (the advertisers) was now ready to recognize the need for alternative beliefs and spirituality in their lives, then this was a project whose time had come. Rob had wanted to tell his story for years but the world wasn't ready to hear it when it was still current. Now, Brenda, more current and eminently more promotable came into his life and it was kismet. His writing and organizational skills, and especially his parallel experiences and beliefs, make him the perfect partner to bring Brenda's story to a wider public.

Production Credits/Development and Series Staff: Merv Griffin Productions, Aaron Spelling Productions, Television Production Partners, Mobius,Inc., Robbins Research Institute - "The Firewalk Experience"

Writing Credits:

  • "Camp Tokalot" - 1/2 hour Comedy Pilot, Spelling/Goldberg Productions
  • "Mister Galaxy" - "Charlie's Angels" Episode, Spelling/Goldberg productions
  • "Sitting Duck," "The Case Against Roarke," "Revenge Of The Forgotten," "Queen For A Day," "Fantasy Island" Episodes, Spelling Productions, CPT
  • "Dear Roberta" - "Love Boat" 2 hour Special, Spelling Productions
  • "The Wager" - "Love Boat" Episode, Spelling Productions
  • "Eros" - CBS M.O.W. Raystar Productions
  • "Deadly Summer" Co-Producer, CBS M.O.W. Guber/ Peters Co. Rick Shaffran Executive Producer
  • "Beyond" - Paramount Films (not produced)
  • "Deadly Vision" - Co-Writer Mark Rosin Lee Rich Productions (Development)
  • "Mind Games" - One Hour Series developed for Television Production Partners (TTP)

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